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Yes, I am really going to give you tips on how to make a DVD photo slideshow with music. Why? Well, you might live in Wisconsin or Ohio or Florida and need a DVD photo slideshow in less than eight hours from now, in which case there will probably not be time to get your photos to me, have me create your perfect custom DVD photo slideshow with music, and upload it for you to play at your event.

Or you may need to make a free DVD photo slideshow for whatever reason, and I would rather help you than for you to be sad because you really wanted a great slideshow for your wedding, or Gran’s birthday, or even for a memorial service, and could not find the resources you needed to do so.

And why now? It occurred to me that with the holidays fast approaching, you might really need an idea for a gift for everyone on your list that you can create ABSOLUTELY FREE. And a beautiful, custom DVD photo slideshow can be that gift! How? By using…

  • Software you probably already have on your PC
  • Free Internet services to edit photos and create slideshows
  • Free graphics available online
  • Free royalty and copyright-free music available online
  • All by mixing and matching free resources…and I will show you how!

Is this information you can find yourself? Sure! It may take you a few months to locate and try all the options out there though, and I have been doing the research myself for two years. So stick around and subscribe. I will post frequently so you can finish your show in time for the holidays.

Here are your first two steps…

Step 1: Decide what you want your show to be about.

Step 1 Resources: Talk to friends, family for ideas. Search video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, PhotoBucket, and Shutterfly ideas.

Step 2: Gather 50 – 100 photos, and if they aren’t on your PC or in your digital camera, scan them or have someone scan them for you.

Step 2 Resources: If you need scanning, try Walmart, Costco, (they are cheap and do a lot of photo enhancement free, but you have to mail your photos), or call a local photo development shop.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your photos that are smaller than 4″x6″ are scanned at 600 dpi or greater resolution. Larger photos should be scanned at 300 dpi or greater. This will ensure your photos look their best in your show.

Watch this site’s home page for more great DIY DVD Slideshow with music tips and tutorials!