Dec 122009
PowerPoint Slideshows as a Free Alternative

Powerpoint slideshows are a good alternative to buying slideshow software. If you have a wedding or other special event coming up, find a friend or relative who is an advanced Powerpoint user and has a good eye for design, and ask them to make your slideshow for the event. Or call FauxFlix DVD Slideshows for the best custom slideshow available. We are happy to answer your questions and help you in any way we can. Call or email us today!

Dec 072009

To fix this, just add another slide immediately after the first, and copy the layers from the end of the first slide to the entire second slide. So the second slide might be 2 or 3 seconds of just the photos in a still position that matches exactly the layout of the end of the first slide. With zero seconds between the two slides..

Nov 062009
Tip for adding pan and zoom effects to your DVD slideshow

When making your own DVD slideshows with music, go easy on the pan-and-zoom effects. “Pan and zoom” is a term attributed to the world-renowned documentary filmaker, Ken Burns, and is frequently referred to as the “Ken Burns effect.”

Nov 022009
Making a basic slideshow is easier than you think

A few months ago, I talked to a group our local senior center about an upcoming class for learning to make DVD slideshows with music using free software. What a surprise–I was the one who learned! Most of my audience started mumbling things about being “nowhere near able to do that…”

Oct 232009
Ideas for slideshows

By now you’ve had some time to think about your slideshow theme and scan your photos. Did you come up with a great idea, or are you stuck? Here are some ideas, just in case you need help: