Faux Flix Frequently Asked Questions

Are your videos made automatically by software or custom designed for each client?

Some companies use software that automatically takes photos and converts them to DVD slideshow format with standard transitions between each slide. But Faux Flix artists custom design each frame of your photo-video with your personal wishes in mind. We can emphasize some pictures more than others, focus on certain aspects of specific photos, time them to match your slideshow music, and even place photo frames to match the timing of song lyrics.

Are there time limits or photo-count limits?

No. We can produce your slideshow video to match your time and photo-count constraints. For example, if you know you want 200 photos, but only have 10 minutes in which to show your video, we can combine photos on several slides as photo montages or photo collages, or we can simply align them side-by-side if you prefer.

Can you create special effects to give my video a stronger sense of motion or unique animation?

Yes. We have added floating bubbles, falling snowflakes, and drifting rose petals to slideshow video frames with beautiful results. We have even taken several photos of a car in motion and timed them to look like the car was actually moving, and added motorcycle sounds to rapid motion for a racing video.

I’m in a rush – how long will it take to get my video?

We automatically rush basic funeral memorial videos for a 24-48 hour turn-around time after receiving photos, whenever possible at no extra charge. We can usually provide that service for other projects for an additional fee (see pricing page). Normal completion time is 5-10 business days from receipt of digital photos to final video production. Projects requiring us to scan items can take an additional day. Extra requested items, such as extensive photo restoration may delay your project, in which case we will advise you of your expected delivery date before accepting your deposit.

Why should we use your service instead of another we found online?

We encourage you to visit other sites and compare our quality and prices. Please bookmark/add us to favorites so you can easily find us again after you have shopped around. Our videos include more features at a more reasonable cost than our competitors. We also take the time to get to know you and get a good understanding of your wants and needs.

What are some ways to use a slideshow DVD for wedding photos?

Guests at your rehearsal dinner will enjoy watching a photo video of the bride and groom’s childhood years. We can combine this with your wedding photos later for a timeless keepsake. We also suggest giving each guest a camera, using their photos to create a video, and then sending a copy to each guest as a “thank-you” gift. Many times guests capture precious moments that the professional photographers miss, since no one can be in several places at once!

How can we use a slideshow DVD in a memorial tribute service?

We can set your video so that it loops, or plays again automatically, if you want to play it as a backdrop for the viewing. We have personally pla