Nov 062009

bay area dvd slideshowsWhen making your own DVD slideshows with music, go easy on the pan-and-zoom effects. “Pan and zoom” is a term attributed to the world-renowned documentary filmaker, Ken Burns, and is frequently referred to as the “Ken Burns effect.”

Panning means to move your photo(s) from one point on a slide to another. This can be done either in a single slide, or across multiple slides.

Zooming means to increase or decrease the size of your photo for an animated zoom-like effect, thus the term, “pan and zoom.”

When used artfully, pan-and-zoom effects animate and add life to your slideshow, giving the effect of watching an actual video. But when overdone, panning and zooming can distract from your photos and overwhelm your viewers’ eyes, making them turn away from watching your slideshow.

A good rule of thumb is to tone down your pan-and-zoom effects if you have any doubt–similar to the advice that a woman should always remove a piece of jewelry after dressing for an evening out to enhance her beauty.