Oct 232009

slideshow ideasBy now you’ve had some time to think about your slideshow theme and scan your photos. Did you come up with a great idea, or are you stuck? Here are some ideas, just in case you need help:

  • Ask all your relatives for their vintage family photos for a “family heritage slideshow” or
  • Gather the best photos of all your children and create one family video for every family member. It’s a great way to make one gift for everyone at no cost (besides DVDs and cases, if you want more than a virtual gift.
  • Need a creative anniversary gift? Use wedding photos for a first anniversary slideshow, or highlights of a couple’s lifetime together for a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary gift.

The best part, besides being free? When you create a gift by hand, you can be sure it will be unique. The recipient will know you cared enough to invest yourself in their gift, and creative slideshows are often the most talked-about gift after the event is long over. It’s a great way to show you care.