Dec 072009

To make better slideshows, work on improving transitions between slides. One way to make a more professional looking photo DVD slideshow is to make the end of a slide last longer by duplicating the end of the slide. Have you ever had a slide with great special effects, but that seemed to fade before the photos could be viewed in their final positions?

To fix this, just add another slide immediately after the first, and copy the layers from the end of the first slide to the entire second slide. So the second slide might be 2 or 3 seconds of just the photos in a still position that matches exactly the layout of the end of the first slide. With zero seconds between the two slides (no transition, or “cut” instead of  “fade”), they will seem to be one smooth slide.

You can achieve the same effect and improve slide transitions with one slide by adjusting keyframes, but this can be a simpler way to make a more professional looking photo slideshow.