Dec 122009

graffiti-dvd-slideshowWe often get calls from people who really, really want to make their own slideshows, but they don’t know where to begin. We’re happy to create your custom DVD slideshow, but we’re also happy to give you tips on making your own video if that’s what you want to do. And we know that you don’t want to buy expensive, professional software to make one show. Granted, making a PowerPoint slideshow is only free if you already own Microsoft PowerPoint, but if you own a PC with the full MS Office Suite installed, then you have PowerPoint. Professional slideshow software can be expensive, especially if you only need to make one slideshow.

If you really need to make a completely free slideshow, PowerPoint is one of your best options. However, there is not currently a good, free method for making a DVD slideshow from a PowerPoint presentation unless you convert it to Flash first, and then burn it to DVD. You can find free PowerPoint to Flash converters by visiting a reputable site like Cnet and search the downloads section for a free application with good user and editor reviews.

You can burn your PowerPoint slideshows to CDs, but these will only play on a PC, and not on a DVD. Still, it is conceivable that if you want to start a slideshow business with no financial investment in DVD slideshow software, you could do so with PowerPoint by creating affordable CD slideshows that your customers would then play on PCs. You could also make personal or commercial slideshows and convert them to Flash for websites.

A few quick tips for making a slideshow with music in PowerPoint:

1. Make sure all of the files for your slideshow are in the same folder, including sound and music files. This is important.

2. Keep your image and sound files as small as possible while making sure they look and sound clear. Don’t use a 10mb photo when a 1mb photo has a high enough resolution to look sharp on a full-screen. Beware of editing and saving .jpg files repeatedly, because they will deteriorate with each iteration.

3. Use .png images for any transparent graphic elements. For example, a frame with a transparent center to place over another image should be a transparent .png file. The .gif file format also supports transparency, but .png files generally look much better.

4. Learn to use transitions between slides to your advantage, and as with any slideshow, don’t go overboard with motion and special effects. You want to strike a balance for an esthetically pleasing slideshow that does not tire the eyes.

5. Take some time to study PowerPoint before creating your first slideshow. It can be tricky to learn its advanced features, but the payoff is a professional looking slideshow with visually-pleasing pan and zoom effects, a well-timed soundtrack, and special effects that no one will believe were achieved in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint slideshows are a good alternative to buying slideshow software. If you have a wedding or other special event coming up, find a friend or relative who is an advanced Powerpoint user and has a good eye for design, and ask them to make your slideshow for the event. Or call FauxFlix DVD Slideshows for the best custom slideshow available. We are happy to answer your questions and help you in any way we can. Call or email us today!