Christmas Slideshow Songs


Here are some of the most popular Christmas songs and music of all time, and hopefully your favorites. These Xmas songs are best for Christmas slideshows or sections of your family DVD slideshows with Christmas photomontages and videos. Listen to these Christmas songs and music while browsing our DVD slideshow site or the web to get ideas for your Christmas slideshows.

Add Christmas music creatively to your slideshow, with an amusing children’s song like “Alvin and the Chipmunks'” “All I Want for Christmas,” for your more playful photos, then transition to beautiful, classic Christmas music like “Ave Maria” as a background for your emotional Christmas photos.

Download free Christmas scrapbook layouts to use as slideshow backgrounds to make the best Christmas DVD slideshows ever, and add your families favorite Christmas songs and music for a beautiful, unique Christmas gift for the entire family to enjoy.

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