Wedding slideshow songs


Wedding slideshow songs and music ideas are as personal as your wedding ceremony. Faux Flix slideshow specialists are happy to help you with wedding slideshow song ideas. We suggest adding upbeat songs for the wedding reception DVD slideshow of the two of you growing up, perhaps with songs from the decades during which you were children.

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For the DVD slideshow of the wedding itself, songs that you fell in love to are perfect, as is classical wedding music, such as Pachelbel’s Canon in D major. Alternating the mood of the slideshow music and songs, from up-tempo to more subtle music and back to a faster-paced piece is a good way to maintain interest for viewers.

We have embedded this wedding songs playlist to give you some ideas for music for your wedding DVD slideshow with music. Please enjoy this playlist, and check back often, as we update this wedding music and songs list frequently.

Faux Flix DVD slideshows include purchasing music online on your behalf. If you already own a CD of the music you want in your wedding DVD slideshow, we can use that, as well. Occasionally, we may find it difficult to locate and purchase specific songs for your wedding slideshow, so it can be very helpful if you do include your previously purchased CDs.